Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
MondayQuiche with beans Fresh Fruit Salad

Chicken fajitas and salad Fromage frais
Chicken Korma, Rice, Nan Bread and salad Natural yogurt with sultana

Selection of sandwiches Apples & oranges
Chilli con carnewith potato wedgesand side saladStewed apples & custard

Cheese salad wraps Fresh fruit
Italian tuna pasta surprise Sorbet

Jacket potatoes with filling and salad Dried sultanas and apricots
TuesdayChicken & Butternut Squash with brown rice Apple pie with custard

Homemade vegetable pizza Bananas
Salmon fish Vegetable Crumble
cakes & parsley
sauce served with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables Fruit Jelly

Savoury rice with lardons Frais ice lollies

Chicken guacamole sandwiches
Fruit Platter
Meat and vegetable pie with boiled potatoes Fruit salad

Cheese and spinach filo bake Banana cake
WednesdayAdmiral Bake with peas and Sweetcorn Natural yogurt with bananas

Selection of
Sultana cake
Lasagne with sweetcorn and peas Fromage frais

Cheese jacket potatoes
Lemon cake
Lamb goulash
Fruit Jelly

Ham and pineapple pizza homemade
Sultanas & apricots
Chicken and vegetable rissoto Natural yoghurt with banana slices

Fresh fruit
ThursdayShepherds pie served with carrots and broccolli Fruit Jelly

Garlic bread with cheese and salad
Dried Apricots
Cheese, onion and spinach pie served with baked beans Malt loaf

Selection of sandwiches
Melons and grapes
Roast Chicken served with potatoes & three
vegetables of the day
Fromage frais

Sardines on toast
Fresh Fruit salad
Cottage pie with peas and carrots

Fresh fruit platter

Baked beans on brown toast
Banana cake
FridaySpaghetti bolognaise
Mixed berry compote with creme fraiche

Jacket Potatoes
Fillings & salad
Oat crunchies
Sausage, mashed potato fresh vegetables and gravy
Sultanas and apricots

Tuna Pasta
Fromage frais
Cod fingers,
mashed potato
and mangetout
Fruit salad

Salad sticks,
pitta fingers with
hummous dip
Melon slices
Sweet and sour chicken with rice and prawn crackers

Crackers with cheese and apple wedges
Fresh Fruit