✔ Provide activities that are appropriate to ensure that children acquire the necessary skills, concepts and attitudes that form part of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

✔ Reflect on children’s needs and interests and ensure that activities meet their individual needs.

✔Create an atmosphere where every child feels secure, valued and confident.

✔ Acknowledge parents in their role as children’s prime educators and seeks to promote a partnership with them that develops a shared understanding with mutual respect and dialogue.

✔ Pay high regard to health and safety to meet the needs of young children with appropriate space, facilities and equipment.

✔ Monitor, assess and keep records of skills and progression.

✔ Develop a positive learning environment by providing good resources / materials.

✔ Ensure no child is excluded or disadvantaged because of his or her race, culture or religion, home language, family background, special educational needs, disability, gender or ability. Our policy is that all children should feel included, secure and valued.

Our Mission Statement

Bright Futures Day Nursery is committed to creating and providing a safe, secure, hygienic and stimulating environment for every child who comes through our door.

Our main priority is the children in our care and their happiness.  We would like to ensure you that every effort made by a child whilst in our care is valued.

We make it a priority that both children and their parents/carers can approach any of our staff with confidence at any time, with queries or worries and we view all parents as partners.

Whilst in our care we will ensure that all children have to opportunity to enhance their all round development and knowledge so that they can develop individual skills and gain an appreciation of the world according to their natural abilities and regardless of their ethnic origin, religious beliefs or gender.